Donald W. Lotter, Ph.D. Resume      Email: don  at  donlotter   dot  net

Ph.D. June 2000. Agroecology. Graduate Group in Ecology. University of California, Davis. Thesis: Differences in phylloxera-related pathogenesis in organic and conventional vineyards in northern California (Dissertation abstract and table of contents.)
Master of Science. Ecology. University of California at Davis. Biometeorology of agroforestry systems.
Master of Professional Studies Cornell University - International Agricultural Development, Thesis: Smallholder deciduous fruit production in Guatemala.
Bachelor of Science. University of California, Davis. Agronomy and Range Science. Honors.


Senior lecturer – Fall 2016 – California State University Sacramento – Courses: Biology 9 “Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior”; Biology 1 “Introduction to Biology” laboratory course.

Instructor – Summer 2016 – UC Davis Extension Education – Japanese Agricultural Training Program – Sustainable Vegetable Crop Production. 90 hours of instruction, 9 weeks. Canvas web pageCanvas is UCD's new LMS

Senior Lecturer. 2011 - 2016. Institute of Development Studies, St. John’s University of Tanzania, Dodoma, TZ. Teaching, research. Courses:  Environmental Science (5 units).  Natural Resource Management for Sustainability (3); Introduction to Development Studies (co-taught).

     Funded projects: (See

·        African indigenous vegetables: production and marketing – USAID HortCRSP project.  See paper below.

·        Biomass Gasifying Stove Project. Funded for 2 years.  Researching conversion of agricultural waste to pellets for cooking fuel.  Researching introduction of gasification cookstoves into households.

·        Socio-economic impact of a four-year sand dam project in Dodoma municipality. .Mennonite Central Committee. Funded, Completed.

·        Utilization of locally abundant neem (Azadirachta indica) in integrated pest management of horticultural crops in central Tanzania.  Begins August 2013.

     Other projects:

·        Computerized examination marking for large classes.

·        Online education for Tanzanian universities.  Series of three seminar presentations.

 Associate Editor Journal of Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems. 2008-2015 . Cambridge Univ. Press.  Review and oversee peer review of submitted papers.  Subject areas sustainable agriculture and African agriculture.

Editorial board member, Journal of Sustainable Agriculture. Oversee peer-review of submitted papers.

Agricultural Consultant. 2011.  Dodoma, Tanzania.  Mennonite Central Committee Sand Dam Project.  Duties: Sand dam watershed management, staple crop development; erosion control; tree nursery development and management; blog development (

Farm Manager. 2010. Food Water Shelter Kesho Leo Permaculture Center, Arusha, Tanzania. Developed commercial organic vegetable farm, regenerating soils with green manure crops and composts, developed crop rotations, manage biogas facility, fish ponds, livestock.

Agricultural Consultant. 2009.  Tanzania: CNFA Farmer to Farmer Program.  Improvement of vegetable crop production and post-harvest management.  Mexico: Advisor to ProOrganico organic produce export company, Monterrey, MX.  Soil fertility, integrated pest management, crop rotations, post-harvest management.

Adjunct Instructor. 2008 Department of Life Sciences, Santa Monica College.  Taught online Environmental Science (Biology 9), Fall 2008, on the eCollege online course platform. Spring 2008 taught 4-unit Botany class. 

Instructor, Vegetable Crop Production. University of California Davis Extension Education. Japanese Agricultural Training Program.  Fall 2008.  Designed and taught 10-week course to young Japanese, mostly future farmers from Japanese farms.  9 hours lecture and lab per week.

Agricultural Pest Control Advisor (PCA) License. California Department of Pesticide Regulation.  June 2008.   40 hours of professional development classes every two years.

Visiting scholar, Dept. of Plant Pathology, Colegio Postgraduados, Chapingo, Mexico.  Fall 2007.  Reviewed the bean (Phaseolus) breeding program of Dr. Roberto Garcia with the goal of collaboratively publishing the results of his 20-year project to develop multigenic (horizontal) disease resistance. November/December 2007.  See New Farm Magazine article on Dr. Garcia's work

Published papers:

Microgasification cookstoves and pellet fuels from waste biomass: a cost and performance comparison with charcoal and natural gas in Tanzania.  Lotter, D., D. Msola, N. Hunter, and M. Straub.  2015.  African Journal of Environmental Science and Technology. Vol. 9(6), pp. 573-583, June 2015.  DOI: 10.5897/AJEST2015.1901 

Lotter, D., et al.  2014.  African Indigenous and Traditional Vegetables in Tanzania: Production, Post-Harvest Management, and Marketing.  African Crop Science Society Journal.  22(3):181-190.

Lotter, D. 2014.  Facing food insecurity in Africa: Why, after 30 years of work in organic agriculture, I am promoting the use of synthetic fertilizers and herbicides in small-scale staple crop production (full text). Agriculture and Human Values. October, 2014.: DOI :10.1007/s10460-014-9547-x.

Lotter, D. 2010.  Making connections to healthy soils, sustainable agriculture in East Africa.  BioCycle. October.  p. 44-45

Hepperly, P., D. Lotter, C. Ziegler, R. Seidel, and C. Reider.  2009. "Compost, Manure, and Synthetic Fertilizer Influence Crop Yields, Soil Properties, Nitrate Leaching and Crop Nutrient Content". Compost Science and Utilization 17(2): 117-126.

Lotter, D. 2008.  Sizing-up organic farming in Mexico.  In: S. Gosh (Ed.) Organic Farming: A Global Perspective.  Pp. 133-139.  ICFAI University Press.

Lotter, D. 2008. Organic viticulture, systemic acquired resistance, and wine quality. Organic Wine Journal. 11 Nov.

Lotter, D. 2009.  “The Internet-telephone interview as a classroom teaching tool.”   Journal of College Science Teaching. Jan-Feb p. 52-53.
(more papers below)
Professional Experience
Community College Instructor. Imperial Valley College, El Centro, California. Agriculture Program coordinator. Courses taught: Environmental Science; Soil Science, Plant Science, Entomology, Vegetable Crop Production. Developed and wrote grant proposals for USDA funding. Trained in GPS use in agriculture. Ran the Agriculture Club which won IVC “Club of the Year” award 2007. Initiated and developed the IVC Teaching and Community Garden.

2008-2015 - Associate Editor, Journal of Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems. Current. Cambridge University Press. Reviewed papers and oversaw the peer review process.

Fellow, USDA Kika de la Garza Fellows Program. Summer 2006, Washington DC. The program is within the USDA Hispanic Serving Institutions Program and focused on building agriculture programs in colleges with large Hispanic enrollment.

Technical writer. 2005- Developed and wrote material for Rodale Institute/New Farm Magazine training course for farmers transitioning to organic production. All aspects of organic farming.

Journalist. 2004. Latin America editor for The New Farm magazine. Articles focused on organic and sustainable agriculture. Index of articles Current articles are on The New Farm home page. A search for "lotter" on The New Farm page will show all articles, including research updates.

Post-doctoral researcher. January 2002 – February 2003. Rodale Institute, Kutztown, PA. Part of team research on organic crop systems, agricultural soil ecology, non-chemical pest, disease, and weed management strategies. Statistical analysis and reporting of data from the Rodale Farming Systems Trial and Compost Utilization Trial. Project development and proposal writing. One week agricultural development trip to northern Haiti. Lectures at conferences, field days, academia. Write a bi-weekly “Research Update” column for New Farm online magazine.

Expedition senior scientist. Summer 2000. Fraser2000 Spirit of Salmon project. 29 day environmental awareness project on the Fraser River, British Columbia, Canada, visiting 20 communities (indigenous, logging, urban) to educate communities about watershed degradation in the Fraser Basin and its effect on salmon.

Research Assistant IV. 1995 –1999. Grape Phylloxera Research Program, Dept. of Entomology, UC Davis. Phylloxera ecology and pathology on the grapevine root.

Web page developer and software programmer. 1988-1999. Developed the Personal Environmental Impact Accounting methodology (see Wikipedia entry) and EarthAware, environmental education software (private business, see publications) and Web pages for UCD Phylloxera Research Program.

Board member. 1994-1996. Yolo Environmental Resource Council.

Backpacking guide. 1986-1991. Associated Students of UC Davis Outdoor Adventures Program. Guided several multi-day backpacking trips per year. Good safety record.

Lecturer. 1989-1994. UC Davis Experimental College . 26 quarters. A History of Western Culture's Relationship to the Environment.

Field assistant. 1986-1993. UC Davis Student Experimental Farm. Assisted in all aspects of organic fruit and vegetable production.

Squad leader. 1987-1989. US Forest Service Fire Crew Davis Fire Crew, Mendocino National Forest. Photo(3rd from right) .

Research Associate II. 1984-1986. California Irrigation Management Information System, UCD Dept. of Land, Air, and Water Resources. Computerization of Et and irrigation data.

Journalistic articles

Scientific and Scholarly Publications

Lotter, D.W., R. Koch, and W. Liebhardt. 2003. The Performance of Organic and Conventional Cropping Systems in an Extreme Climate Year. In Press. Amer. J. Altern. Agric. 21(4), 1-9 Abstract or Full text - Acrobat (pdf)

Lotter, D. W. 2003. Organic Agriculture. Journal of Sustainable Agriculture. 21(4):59–128. Abstract or Full text - Acrobat (pdf)

Lotter, D.W., J. Granett, A. Omer. 1999. Differences in grape phylloxera-caused root damage in organically and conventionally managed northern California vineyards. HortScience. 34 (6). 1108-1111. Full text.

Lotter, D.W. 1995. Soil quality assessment. Farmer to Farmer Magazine. Jan/Feb. issue. Full text

Lotter, D.W. 1994. EarthScore: Personal Environmental Audit and Guide. Morning Sun Press, Lafayette, CA.

Dong, A., D.W. Lotter. 1985. Comparison of weather station ET data. In: The California Irrigation Management Information System, Calif. Dept. Water. Res.

Lotter, D.W. 1983. The Potential for Stabilizing Annual Crop Production in Drought Susceptible Areas of East Africa by Associative Cropping with Trees. In Lockeretz, W.(ed.), Environmentally Sound Agriculture, Praeger.

Software: EarthAware: Personal Environmental Impact Accounting Software. 1995. A comprehensive ecological footprint program. For environmental education.

Grant writing. Over 70 grant proposals written, 30 funded. Statistical analysis using SPSS and SAS software.
Computer. Web page development using Macromedia Dreamweaver (see resume at for sample) and database development, Internet and network connectivity, Comprehensive Microsoft Office skills (Word, Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint, Access, Frontpage). MS Windows maintenance (2000, XP, Millenium), computer hardware maintenance and upgrading.

Fluent: Spanish.

References provided upon request.