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EarthAware is now freeware for individuals! For institutional use, see bottom of page.

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EarthAware was in 1995 the first ever Personal Environmental Audit Software (i.e. ecological footprint). It is still the most comprehensive program for doing a full personal environmental audit.

EarthAware is the successor to the highly acclaimed EnviroAccount for MSDOS, and EnviroAccount for Macintosh. EnviroAccount received world press in 1992 for its innovativeness, comprehensiveness, ease of use, and relevance to environmental education. Press reviews of EarthAware and EnviroAccount

With the first ever personal global warming score, in EarthAware quantifies the amount of carbon dioxide you are responsible for putting into the atmosphere, EarthAware addresses the global warming problem as no other educational tool does. You see how you compare with the rest of the world in your contribution to global warming.


EarthAware in a nutshell.

To give you a feel for EarthAware,below are low resolution graphics (1/4 size) plus descriptions of the program. (Higher resolution graphics take too long for Web browsers to load.

Comprehensive and dynamic environmental literacy - no other educationaltool can teach environmental awareness as effectively as EarthAware.EarthAware activates its users to investigate and think about their resourceuse quantities along with other activities relevant to the environment.These "resource use numbers" are the core of environmental literacy.By linking the user to the environment through quantifying their resourceuse, environmental education using EarthAware becomes personal, dynamic,and exciting. EarthAware is ideal forhigh school or college environmental education.

EarthAware has six sections:1) Home Energy and Water
2) Transportation
3) Consumerism
4) Waste
5) Advocacy
6) Livelihood, Land Use, & Family Planning



Each section contains a series of questions. There are 116 questionsin all. Each question screen has, in addition to question and answer boxes:

Links to the Web provide education and resources. Weblinks relate directly to the subject in question i.e. solar power - howit works, how to design solar systems, solar equipment manufacturers, solarpower research, etc., .
After each section, analysis screens summarize the EarthAware score.Each user receives:

Graphical presentations augment the analysis, summarizing theanalysis and showing strong and weak areas.



The Summary lists all questions and answers as well as all of the Web links.

The user can jump to selected questions or Web sites from the Summary.
A final 7 page printout details everything shown onthe analysis screens.